Introducing a new approach to double bass drumming, using a single pedal and a Gong Bass drum played with the left hand.

"... not only ingenious for those looking to break the mold, but also extremely useful for players who are in search of novel fill ideas." - Modern Drummer Magazine, October 2018




Georg Härnsten Egg is a drummer from Stockholm, Sweden. While he is best known for his work with melodic metal band Dynazty and progressive metal band Paralydium, Georg is also an accomplished freelance drummer who has worked with Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snider, Brian May and Kee Marcello, among others.

Georg is also a drum instructor and clinician with many years of experience of teaching drummers in the Stockholm area.

The concept of "Gong Bass Theory" came about when the members of Dynazty were working on their fourth album, Renatus. Until that point Georg had only used a single bass drum pedal. However, with the increasing amount of bass drum notes in the new music Georg realized that he could not play the patterns using only his right foot. While most drummers would have just added a second pedal, Georg started experimenting with the idea of playing a second bass drum with the left hand. After hundreds of hours of practice the technique started to take shape and the idea for the book was born.